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The project team is also part of the scientific network

"Thinking about Suspension."



The project aims at providing a systematic account of suspension of judgment. It will explicate the concept of suspension and examine its logic and formal representation. Systematic results will be applied to theories of religious agnosticism and to the historically most prominent forms of skepticism, i.e., Cartesian and Pyrrhonian skepticism. The project divides into four subprojects:

1) Varieties of Suspension: the subproject explicates the conceptual foundations of suspension of judgment. It provides characterizations of the different kinds of non-believing as well as their epistemic grounds and interrelations.

2) The Logic of Suspension: the subproject discusses the rational profile of the different notions of suspension and aims at providing formal representations of them.

3) Suspension and Skepticism: the subproject applies the systematic findings to analyze the role suspension has played in the history of thought by discussing its role in Pyrrhonian and Cartesian skepticism.


4) Suspension and Religion: the subproject distinguishes different notions of religious agnosticism and explores their justificatory status.


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Johanna Schmitt (former member)

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  • The second conference of the scientific network "Thinking about Suspension" will take place at the University of Frankfurt, June 30 - July 1. More info follows soon here.

  • Alexandra will give a talk on "Formal Representations of Doxastic Suspension" at the CSS Lab Aachen on         Jan 13, 2022.

  • Johanna's review on R. Bett's Sextus Empiricus. How to Keep an Open Mind. An Ancient Guide to Thinking like a Sceptic is forthcoming in The Classical Review.

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If you have any questions concerning the project please contact us at:

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