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I am a professor for Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Frankfurt

 Before coming to Frankfurt, I've been a junior professor at the University of Stuttgart and at the University of Tübingen, a postdoctoral researcher at DebateLab at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and an assistant professor at the University of Konstanz. My main research interests are the philosophy of logic and epistemology. Currently, I am mainly working on the rational profile and decision theoretic relevance of suspension of judgment as PI of the project “Doxastic Suspension. Its Nature, History, and Logic.”

Selected Publications


2018. The Metaphysics of Logic. Studies in Theoretical Philosophy, Klostermann.

Edited Volumes

2016. Von Rang und Namen. Philosophical Essays in Honour of Wolfgang Spohn.
With W. Freitag, H. Rott, H. Sturm (eds.). mentis, Münster.



2021. Rational Suspension. Theoria 87: 1050-1066.

2021. Reinterpreting Logic. In: G. Sagi, J. Woods (eds.), The Semantic Conception of Logic. CUP, Cambridge: 186-205.

2020. Two Ways to Satisfy (and No Way to Satisfy Utilitarians). In: Proceeding Volumes of ISUS. KIT Publishing: 451-463.

2019. Statistics and Suspension (with W. Freitag). Philosophical Studies 117: 2877-2880.

2018. Against Grue MysteriesErkenntnis 85: 1023-1033.

2018. A BULLET for Invariance. Another Argument against the Invariance Criterion for Logical TermsJournal of Philosophy 115: 383–388.

2017. A Hierarchy of Logical Constants. In: P. Arazim, T. Lavicka (eds.), Logica Yearbook. College Publications, London: 305–316.

2016. Ranks for the Riddle. Spohn Conditionalization and Goodman's Paradox (with W. Freitag). In: W. Freitag (eds.), Von Rang und Namen. Philosophical Essays in Honor of Wolfgang Spohn. mentis, Münster: 107–125. 

2014. On Exhibiting Representational Validity. Synthese 191: 1349–1373.

2012. The Theory of Form Logic (with W. Freitag). Logic and Logical Philosophy 21 : 363–389.

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